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About Me

My purpose is to create.

I'm Samantha, a Chicagoland graphic designer. I have over 10 years of design and marketing experience and am very passionate about what I do. Every project I take on, I attack it with a "can do" attitude and innovative approach.

My first graphic design job was at Western Illinois University Athletics during my college years. The position taught me what it is like to collaborate with a design team and come up with layouts that are not only visually appealing, but purposeful. Additionally, I learned how important it is to stay within visual branding guidelines to stay loyal to the identity of a brand.

Post-college, I was hired as a graphic designer at Element Graphics & Design, Inc. specializing in vehicle wrap design and large format print. I worked with customers on projects from concept to completion while also enhancing my knowledge on the manufacturing side of things. This position taught me the importance of prepress and to also be conscious of how I set my files up to reduce waste and save material. I gained invaluable experience working with vendors and suppliers and learned how to contract jobs out successfully, handling obstacles at the forefront as they occurred. Having been given the opportunity to oversee junior-level designers and production staff, I have some managerial experience under my belt as well.

Currently, I am a marketing and design supervisor at Illinois Gaming Systems, an Illinois video gaming terminal operator. This position has been teaching me the true definition of a fast-paced work environment and the importance of prioritization and time management. Day-to-day, I manage all graphic design requests from customers and account managers, create multi-month marketing plans and design internal marketing literature pieces. I have learned a lot about strategic marketing and the challenges that come along with working in a government-regulated industry. I work directly with the marketing manager to help brainstorm, develop and implement new marketing campaigns, promotions and unique ways to stand out from our competitors.

I look forward to what my future holds in this industry and am grateful for everyone involved in helping me get to where I am at in my career so far.

Though my career is a huge part of my life, I like to have fun and appreciate the little things in life as well. When I am not staring at a computer screen, some of the things I enjoy include going camping, hiking, seeing live music, drawing and trying out new restaurants and breweries. All in all, if I am surrounded by good people and good music, I am the happiest version of myself. Thanks for reading and if you managed to get through all of this, props to you!